Painter Madness

Painter Madness 1.1

A simple game in which you should get a bucket of paint to the ground floor
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Painter Madness is a simple flash game for the whole family in which players should help a painter to get a bucket of paint. The bucket is falling down from the highest floor of a construction, your task is to "transport" it to the first floor by moving the bucket with the right and left arrows thus letting it fall down through the holes on all the floors. If the bucket gets stuck on one of the floors, it crashes, and you lose. It looks pretty simple, but when you start playing you see it is not. Every level lasts 50 seconds and the speed of the bucket increases every 5 seconds, so it goes really fast.

The game also tosses in a few bonuses that make it a bit more enjoyable: for example, one of the bonuses will give you extra points, another one will let the bucket go through walls for 10 seconds, though there is also a "bonus" that will make the bucket bigger for 10 seconds, complicating the game. Painter Madness features cartoonish graphics (not quite artful, as a matter of fact) and funny music.

All in all, Painter Madness is a game to play once in while or when you want to kill some time at the office. After a few minutes, the game turns to be very boring, offering no diversity at all.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to control
  • Challenging, it requires concentration
  • Free


  • Boring
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